Here are the BACooN RIDE Route Maps with BACON STOPS!  Also maps of all Waukee activities and the bike route on Saturday.


Ride with GPS Route:

Waukee Maps  

waukee map

Waukee Routes

BACooN RIDE Route:

  • Waukee
  • Dallas Center (6)
  • Minburn (6)
  • Perry (7)
  • Dawson (6)
  • Jamaica (5)
  • Herndon (2)
  • Yale (5)
  • Panora (6)
  • Linden (6)
  • Redfield (6)
  • Adel (10)
  • Waukee (6)



11 thoughts on “Maps”

    1. This is a flat rail trail. It is paved. You would be comfortable on a road or hybrid bike capable of going 71 miles. There are many stops along the route to make this ride fun and enjoyable.

  1. Is there parking for people camping? I assumed we would park by our tents, but maybe that is not the case. Actually our plan was to sleep in the back of our SUV in the camping area. Also, will there be restrooms and water sources near the camping area? Thanks!

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Ride for the Cured! Saturday June 16, 2018