BACooN RIDE Spotlight: Linden Landing

Linden Landing will be welcoming BACooN riders as they head north through Linden. Linden Landing is the newest biking destination in Central Iowa, situated on a sprawling five acre lot directly adjacent to the Raccoon River Valley Trail.  Linden will be the third stop of the day on the inaugural BACooN RIDE!

Linden will be hosting a beer garden and several feature cocktails, as well as cold water and Gatorade to rehydrate!  Iowa State Fair favorite Applishus will also be on hand, serving up several delicious treats!  They’ll have music and games available and few other surprises!  Linden Landing is excited for the ride and can’t wait to see everyone!


BACooN RIDE Spotlight: Waukee, Iowa

Waukee’s Centennial Park is your home base for the 2014 BACooN RIDE with camping, entertainment and parking available to registered riders. Bacon lovers will have plenty of fun activities and bacon to make them feel right at home.

Camping will be available to all registered riders in Centennial Park on Friday, June 27 and Saturday, June 28. Because Centennial Park was used as the main campground on RAGBRAI in 2006, the city of Waukee is ready to fulfill the needs of riders and campers, including those with tents, buses or RVs. Camping will be free to registered participants and there will be no electric hook-ups for buses or RVs.

Starting Friday night, riders and community members will be able to quench their thirst at a beverage garden in Centennial Park from 5:00-11:00 p.m. The band “Swing Crew” will keep the fun alive from 7:00-11:00 p.m.

On Saturday morning, the Waukee Fire Department and the Iowa Egg Council will provide riders with an extra boost of protein with a bacon and egg breakfast taco in Centennial Park from 6:00-10:00 a.m.  And after the BACooN RIDE is over, the fun will continue at Mickey’s Irish Pub in Waukee where band LESSON 7 will entertain and beverages will be plentiful.

Waukee Path

How Challenging is the BACooN Ride?

Our friend Rich Ketcham at GeoBike discovered that there is a total of 1,085 feet of climb over the 71 miles of the BACooN Ride.  To put that in comparison, most 70-mile days on RAGBRAI are about 2,000-2,500 feet of climb… In other words, the ride is quite flat.  That figures since the Raccoon River Valley Trail is mostly build along a historic rail right-of-way.  So enjoy the ride!



BACooN RIDE Spotlight: Redfield, Iowa

Redfield will be the second stop on the BACooN RIDE and they invite you to come celebrate over 150 years of Redfield, at their annual Redfield Old Settler’s Celebration.

Hurry to the Dexfield Diner & Pub and meet Jeremy and his staff, they will be whipping up Bacon Cheeseburger Bloody Marys and hosting a build your own Bloody Mary Bar from 8 a.m. – noon.  There will also be live music playing in the street, featuring Ghost Riders in the a.m., and Toaster in the evening.

Come cool off at Offsides Pizza & Pub, Keith & Beth will be offering a water mister in the back beer garden.  They will be featuring a Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, Bacon Cheesy Fries, and Build your own Bloody Mary Bar.

The Redfield Locker will be having free bacon samples for BACooN RIDERS only!  Don will be selling Bacon Dogs and Bacon Jerky.  Come see BaCoon at the Redfield Locker!

The Redfield Fire Department will be handing out water, gatorade, and ice at the Fire Station for FREE WILL DONATION.

There will be two vendors to satisfy your sweet tooth.  The WCV After Prom Committee will be serving Chocolate Covered Bacon!  Come help support our After Prom!  Next the Devilish Pig Bakery will be there selling Maple Bacon Cupcakes, Apple, Bacon & Cheddar Cupcakes…with the bacon being marinated in apple cider beer.  Bacon Cheddar Crackers.  Lost more available as well!  Look for Ruby ahs has the goodies! T-shirts available for purchase as well.

Sounds like Redfield will be a great stop during the BACooN RIDE!


Mickey’s Irish Pub to Host BACooN RIDE Saturday’s Post-Party in Waukee

After riding 71 miles on the BACooN RIDE, you’ll return back to Waukee in time for the Post-Party at Mickey’s Irish Pub in Waukee featuring a street party in the Mickey’s parking lot.  The band Lesson7 will be the featured band along with a beer garden and some great food vendors including RAGBRAI-favorite Mr. Pork Chop as well as more baconny-goodness!

Mickey’s is the ending point of the BACooN RIDE and is walking distance from the campground in Centennial Park.  Waukee will also provide shuttles between Mickey’s and the campgrounds at Centennial Park.

Mickey’s is a known as one of the top cycling establishment in Central Iowa catering to the Raccoon River Valley Trail’s bike traffic.  The outdoor beer garden will be open from 5:30pm-10:30pm in addition to Mickey’s indoor pub.  Mickey’s will also have a band inside.

Lesson7 is a creative combination of Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Soul. Created in the cold winter of 2009, Lesson7 has endured the elements and has continuously written ground-breaking music that has created a fusion of genres all its own. With melodic vocals layered over powerful grooves in conjunction with precise lyrical delivery, Lesson7’s music is cutting edge and explosive, yet warm and soulful. The show is an entertaining roller-coaster of energy and heart- not to be missed.



Swing Crew to Play BACooN RIDE Friday Packet Pick-Up Pre-Party in Waukee


The fun will begin in Waukee on Friday for the inaugural BACooN RIDE!  Participants can pick up their ride packets from 4pm-10pm on Friday, June 27th at Waukee High School, across the street from Centennial Park. Waukee will host a Pre-Party Friday evening outdoor Beverage Garden in Centennial Park that will be open from 4pm-11pm.  The featured band is Swing Crew, that will play from 7pm-11pm.  Camping will also be in Centennial Park.

Fun is the bottom line with The Swing Crew, an interactive, acoustic band. The shows feature a wide variety of music, audience participation, jokes, stunts, cornball humor and toasts. Their winter home is in Summit County Colorado. Summers they’re all over the midwest, with Wisconsin Dells as their home base. Join the fun, join the show and you could be the recipient of The Swing Crew bumper sticker.

The Swing Crew performs a wide variety of music. They play classic rock, country, pop, swing, “island beat” and about any other genre you could possibly come up with. They play whatever gets the crowd going. So if you want to hear something in particular just ask them, they most likely know it. The best thing about going to see The Swing Crew perform is that it’s not like seeing your average “bar band”, the quality of the music and the crazyness of their antics will keep you entertained throughout the show. The bottom line is FUN. The Swing Crew plays mainly in two locations; Wisconsin in the summer, and Colorado in the Winter. Between Wisconsin and Colorado they tour around mostly in the midwest.




Camping Added to BACooN RIDE for Friday and Saturday Nights!

Camping will be available at Waukee’s Centennial Park (this was the main campground for RAGBRAI back in 2006) for all registered BACooN RIDE participants!  There will be no cost for camping for registered participants.

Campgrounds will open late Friday afternoon for camping for both Friday (6/27) and Saturday (6/28) nights.

Camping includes tents, bus or RV camping.  There are no electric hook-ups for buses or RVs.

More details to come!


Ride for the Cured! Saturday June 16, 2018