Attention Bacoon Ride participants! 🚲🥓 We’ve got exciting news for you! The route, parking, camping, and packet pickup maps are now available for your convenience. Here’s all the important information you need to know:

📍 Camping: We’re thrilled to announce that camping has returned to Centennial Park! Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow riders and relax in the beautiful surroundings of Centennial Park’s designated camping areas. Get ready for a memorable night under the stars!

🅿️ Parking: Please note that the parking lots for packet pickup have changed this year. For packet pickup, head to Waukee NW High School located at NW Stratford Drive and NW 10th in Waukee. Follow the signs and directions provided to access the designated parking areas.

🗺️ Route: Get ready to pedal your way through an exciting adventure! Our route includes a stop at the fantastic Kinship Brewery. Take a break, refuel, and enjoy the flavors of this incredible craft brewery. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

📥 Packet Pickup: Don’t forget to grab your rider packet before the big ride. Head to Waukee NW High School at NW Stratford Drive and NW 10th in Waukee to collect your packet. Refer to the provided maps for parking and packet pickup locations.

Make sure to check out the maps available on our website for a detailed overview of the route, parking areas, camping zones, and packet pickup locations. Familiarize yourself with the important landmarks and plan your Bacoon Ride experience accordingly.

We can’t wait to see you on the trail, at Centennial Park for camping, Kinship Brewery for a bacon-fueled stop, and at Waukee NW High School for packet pickup. Get ready to embark on an incredible journey filled with cycling, bacon, and amazing memories!

Happy riding! 🚴‍♀️🥓 #BacoonRide #CyclingAdventure #BaconFun