We have to order food, KYBOs, public safety, etc. We cannot take anymore registrations for this event.  You cannot participate in the event without a wristband and PassPORK.  

It takes a lot to put on a ride of this scale.  We need to know in advance how many people are riding, camping, and volunteering.  We need to order food and kybos.

If you did not register, you cannot go on the ride.  We are really sorry that registration closed, but we have to close sometime and place our orders.

Please don’t ride if you are not registered.  First, registration pays the bills on the ride.  In addition, there are many charities that are funded from this ride.  Worse, if there are unregistered riders, we may not be able to do this event anymore.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Registered riders, thanks!  See you Saturday.