It could be hot this weekend. They are talking about highs of 96 degrees and heat index above 100. It is important to keep yourself in safe condition while riding. Please plan for a safe and enjoyable bike ride.


There is water available along the trail in most communities. But, you do have to find it. Many communities have trailhead depots or park shelters that have water. Businesses have water available for purchase and some for free.  Many of the scouts along the trail have water and gatorade for sale.

NOTE: Herndon does not have water. Fill up when you leave Jamaica.


We do have a 15 passenger SAG available. It CANNOT pickup on the trail. You need to bike to the towns and locate the SAG at the PASSPORK Stop. When the SAG is full, they will return to Waukee.  SAG may run late if they are busy.

Minburn Depot Noon
Perry Hotel Pattee 1 PM
Jamaica PassPork Stop 2:30 PM
Panora PJ’s 4 PM
Linden Iowa Beer Bus 5 PM
Redfield Downtown 6 PM
Adel Brickyard 6 PM

There is a number printed on your PassPORK for our mini-SAG shuttle. There is no need to call the number for the main SAG stop if you arrive ahead of the service time. Call the number if you have an issue along trail and you need shuttled to the next town for SAG or repair. (You still need to make it to the next accessible intersection). Our mini-SAG shuttle will not return you to Waukee, only to the next SAG stop.

We have scouts at 53 intersections, so they can help you figure out where you are. If you have a medial emergency call 911.


The Bacoon Ride is all about having fun.  Take your time, drink plenty of fluids, and enjoy the ride. If you are not in a condition to continue the ride, then don’t.  Most of all, have fun.