When riders get to Perry, you will be a directed to The Crooked Rail in the “entertainment district”. It is here that riders will enjoy all the fun that Perry is known to deliver….great music, extra large beer tent, and plenty of tables and chairs to rest your weary hooves in the shade.

bacon corn dog perry

Riders will also get to enjoy a brand-new bacon food item this year with their Bacoon Ride Passpork……. hand dipped Berkwood Farms BACON CORN DOGS guaranteed to hit your B-spot! If that doesn’t fill you up, The Crooked Rail will also be serving smoked pork sandwiches, fruit cups and pasta salad to give you the energy you need to finish strong!

Ain’t no party like a party at The Crooked Rail so all you Bacooners better plan to spend a little extra time in Perry-dise!!