The Hotel Pattee at 1112 Willis Avenue in Perry has rates starting at $139.00. Visit for more information.

There are several hotels at the Jordan Creek exits of Interstate 80 and the Hickman and University exits of Interstate 80/35.  There are no hotels in Waukee, so the closest ones are 7-8 miles away.

There is camping that is included with your registration at Centennial Park in Waukee.

Camping will be available at Waukee’s Centennial Park (this was the main campground for RAGBRAI back in 2006) for all registered BACooN RIDE participants!  There will be no cost for camping for registered participants.

Campgrounds will open late Friday afternoon (5pm) for camping for both Friday (6/15) and Saturday (6/16) nights.

Camping includes tents, bus or RV camping.  There are no electric hook-ups for buses or RVs.

More details to come!


8 thoughts on “Camping/Hotels”

  1. I am a registered Bacoon Participant, do I need to reserve a campsite?
    If so how?


  2. I would suggest Saylorville or a Polk/Dallas County park. The websites for Polk County or Dallas County should have information. You might visit for information too.

  3. There is a private RV campground, Timberline on Ashworth Road in Waukee. It’s just a couple miles south of the park. You probably can get water there.

  4. If we ride to Waukee on Friday night and camp out, is it possible to stash our stuff some place and pick it up Saturday so we don’t have to ride with it all day? Thank you!

  5. Yes, if you are camping you can leave your tents in place if you wish. There will not be security at the campgrounds.

  6. With all the rain, the park might be kind of soggy… Are they still going to allow camping there, or will there be an alternate location for buses & rv’s?

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