The BACooN RIDE SIX: The PORK CHOP! is presented by RAGBRAI, the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival and the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. These teams are joining forces to produce one of the greatest rides in the United States – the BACooN RIDE: The RIDE for the CURED!  Get ready for the bicycling experience from the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, the sizzle of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival and the fun of RAGBRAI.

It will be an EPIC event on the one of the greatest trail loops in the United States.


For more information contact:

Mark Wyatt
Iowa Bicycle Coalition
P.O. Box 5562
Coralville, IA 52241

23 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. If we register now, are there t-shirts still available? Where was this ride publicized? The first we heard about it was today (June 9) in My Waukee Magazine which came in the mail.

  2. at this point registration does not include t-shirts. We started promoting the event since January

  3. Stupid question probably but will there be any poultry options available anywhere on the route. My wife loves to ride but does not eat bacon/pork (makes her sick to her stomach). We are registered and looking forward to it but just want to make sure there is something for her to eat that day. She’s not picky but will need some protein to get through the day. Lucky for me, I get all her bacon! Thanks and looking forward to this weekend.

  4. There will be other vendors along the route. The PassPORK will be pork products. Other community vendors will have items available.

  5. Just found this bike ride. I see we’re too late for the steel mug and t-shirt – but is it still possible to get them if we register today?

  6. Unfortunately, no. We sold out of stainless steel pints on May 1 and t-shirts on June 1. You still get the wristband, PassPORK, trail pass, food, and fun.

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