Gold Medal BBQ will have BBQ Ribs.  Gram’s will be roasting a whole hog at Biker’s Haven South.  Both are on the north end of the bike trail as bikers come into town.  They will be serving “Q in a Cup”! A combo of beans, chopped pork, potato salad, and pretzel on top-a pork sundae!  The Longest Yard should have also sent you an updated email of what they have to offer for specials and music.

As bikers come thru town, there will be several local vendors.
The Suites at 1400 Walnut will have a massage therapist giving massages.
Pullen Hair & Co. -salon and bike boutique will be selling trending bike boutique items.
Lori’s Bloomin’ Flowers has several bicycle themed items, including bike accessories and jewelry.

Bikers can stop by Bikers Haven or Pullen Hair & Co. booth to purchase the new vinyl “72 RRVT” bike bragging rights window cling!