The fun will begin in Waukee on Friday for the inaugural BACooN RIDE!  Participants can pick up their ride packets from 4pm-10pm on Friday, June 27th at Waukee High School, across the street from Centennial Park. Waukee will host a Pre-Party Friday evening outdoor Beverage Garden in Centennial Park that will be open from 4pm-11pm.  The featured band is Swing Crew, that will play from 7pm-11pm.  Camping will also be in Centennial Park.

Fun is the bottom line with The Swing Crew, an interactive, acoustic band. The shows feature a wide variety of music, audience participation, jokes, stunts, cornball humor and toasts. Their winter home is in Summit County Colorado. Summers they’re all over the midwest, with Wisconsin Dells as their home base. Join the fun, join the show and you could be the recipient of The Swing Crew bumper sticker.

The Swing Crew performs a wide variety of music. They play classic rock, country, pop, swing, “island beat” and about any other genre you could possibly come up with. They play whatever gets the crowd going. So if you want to hear something in particular just ask them, they most likely know it. The best thing about going to see The Swing Crew perform is that it’s not like seeing your average “bar band”, the quality of the music and the crazyness of their antics will keep you entertained throughout the show. The bottom line is FUN. The Swing Crew plays mainly in two locations; Wisconsin in the summer, and Colorado in the Winter. Between Wisconsin and Colorado they tour around mostly in the midwest.