BACooN Spotlight: Adel

The Brickyard Burgers & Brews will be the last stop on the loop town of Adel before returning to Waukee on BACooN RIDE 5. Your PassPORK will get you a pulled pork sandwich from Kue’d BBQ and Smokehouse.

In addition:

  • Adel Fire Department will set up a booth selling t-shirts  for $25.00.  This will help raise money for UTV, they will be used for emergencies that happen along the bike path.
  • Brick Imerman will be playing from 12pm-3pm
  • Ghost Riders will be playing from 4pm-8pm
  • Hal Wilson with tropical snow will be serving from 2:30pm- TBD
  • John from Swell Vodka will be doing taste samples

There will also be more food will be served at Brickyard for the event!

BACooN RIDE Spotlight: Adel

maple bacon

Join the Rendezvous Lounge located on Main Street (between 9th and 10th Street) in historic Adel for Maple BACON Donuts provided by Dunkin Donuts all washed down with Bloody Mary’s or Screw Drivers.

The Adel Boy Scouts Troop 152 will be serving the donuts along with bananas and Gatorade all for a free will donation.  The Boy Scouts will use these funds for summer camping adventures.


Riders hang out Saturday, June 28, 2014, during the Bacoon Ride in Adel.

BACooN RIDE Spotlight: Adel, Iowa

The Rendezvous Lounge is your first stop after leaving Waukee on Saturday morning of the inaugural BACooN RIDE!  Located just west of Adel’s iconic courthouse on Main Street, the ‘Vous is a long time supporter of the biking community and the Raccoon River Valley Trail with its long running “Original Wednesday Steak Night.”

Honey Badger BBQ’s Maple Bacon Glazed Donuts will definitely give you an early blood sugar boost to help go the distance!  BACON pastries –yum.

Wash it all down with a Bloody Mary and/or a Screwdriver on the Rendezvous Lounge’s popular patio or hang out with your friends and an ice cold Tall Boy in the “Brick Yard Beer Garden” on Main Street.

Leave your team logo and the ‘Vous just might paint a ceiling tile for inclusion in their “Cycling Ceiling of Fame.”

Adel and the  Rendezvous Lounge look forward to seeing the biking regulars and a few new faces on the BACooN Ride!

adel Rendezvous lounge