Boys Scouts Troop 182 will Patrol BACooN Crossings

Thanks again to Boy Scouts Troop 182 from Ankeny that will be stationed at all 46 crossings of roadways during the BACooN RIDE in their bright orange BACooN PATROL shirts!  Their role is to alert you that their is an intersection/crossing and to warn if there is an oncoming vehicle or other potential hazards.  They will not inform you that the intersection is CLEAR as that is to be determined by the rider.

The boys will be selling water $1 and Gatorade $2 at their crossings throughout the day as fundraisers for them to go to Summer Camp or High Adventure Camp.

Thanks again to Troop 182!

Boy Scouts Troop 182 Return to Assist at Crossings for BACooN RIDE

The Boy Scouts from Troop 182 in Ankeny and adult leaders will be at BACooN RIDE 4 to help riders get through the trail crossing safer.  They will warn cyclists of some potential hazards, such as oncoming vehicles or gravel, but will not yell “CLEAR”.  Cyclists need to make their own decision that is it safe to cross the intersections.  There are approximately 50 crossings on the Raccoon River Valley Trail.

Some of the scouts will be selling cold water for $1 and gatorade for $2 at their crossing with funds being used to help pay for their summer camp.

The BACooN RIDE will also make a contribution to the Boy Scouts for their assistance.  Be sure to say hello to these fine young men.

Last year. the BACooN RIDE donated over $20,000 to local charities including the Boy Scouts and RAGBRAI’s Dream Team.  Thank you for registering so we can continue to support the charities that assist with this great event.

Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 182 from Ankeny for Helping to Keep BACooN Riders Safe

patrol tees

A BIG THANKS to Boy Scout Troop 182 from Ankeny for helping to keep BACooN Riders safe along the Raccoon River Valley Trail!  There are approximately 50 crossings where the trail crosses a roadway during the ride.  There will be law enforcement assisting riders at the high traffic intersections and the scouts will assist at the lower traffic, mainly gravel road crossings.  A scout and an adult will be at each of these crossings.  You will see them in their bright orange BACooN PATROL t-shirts.  Some of these scouts at the more remote crossings will be selling water and Gatorade as a fundraiser to help pay for camp and other scout needs.  They will sell water for $1.00 and Gatorade for $2.00.

The BACooN RIDE organizers will also make a donation to Boy Scout Troop 182 from helping make the ride safe!  THANKS AGAIN!