BACooN Spotlight: Adel

The Brickyard Burgers & Brews will be the last stop on the loop town of Adel before returning to Waukee on BACooN RIDE 5. Your PassPORK will get you a pulled pork sandwich from Kue’d BBQ and Smokehouse.

In addition:

  • Adel Fire Department will set up a booth selling t-shirts  for $25.00.  This will help raise money for UTV, they will be used for emergencies that happen along the bike path.
  • Brick Imerman will be playing from 12pm-3pm
  • Ghost Riders will be playing from 4pm-8pm
  • Hal Wilson with tropical snow will be serving from 2:30pm- TBD
  • John from Swell Vodka will be doing taste samples

There will also be more food will be served at Brickyard for the event!