BACooN Spotlight: Dallas Center Twisted Corn Tavern

The Twisted Corn Tavern in Dallas Center will be the first stop on the BACooN RIDE 5!

The PassPORK will land you a delicious  from Hy Vee.

There will be live music from Fahrenheit from 7:00 A.M. until 11:00 A.M.

The Tall Corn will also be serving these for purchase:
$4 Food Options: Taquitos with Bacon Queso and Bacon Breakfast Pizza with gravy
$4 Booze Options: Assortment of tall boys, Bloody Marys, Mimosas

You don’t want to miss out on all the BACON that would be coming your way!

Your PassPORK will get you…. BACON Taco! BACON Donut! BACON Samples! BACON Corn Dog! BACON Nachos! Pulled PORK Slider! Caramel BACON Rice Krispy Bars! More BACON Samples!

Registration goes up $10 June 13th

BACooN RIDE Spotlight: Dallas Center

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Bikers! Dallas Center welcomes you! As you enter town from the north you will find the future spot of Biker’s Haven on the right. On the left will be a local family cooking just for you!  Downtown in the business district, we have your bacon sundae treat at KORNER KONE.

The LONGEST YARD, know for excellent entertainment, has a treat for you! PIG RACES! (How fitting, right?!!) DRINK SPECIALS and TALLBOYS are cold and ready for too!  Plan on spending at least a few hours of your afternoon in Dallas Center! We love bikers!

Here is what Dallas Center has to offer at the Longest Yard:



BACooN RIDE Spotlight: Dallas Center, Iowa

Pedal your way to Dallas Center for the inaugural BACooN RIDE as it will be the last town on your loop before returning to Waukee.

Chip and The Smokehouse BBQ will be serving BACON pork sliders and other delicious treats. Carter and The Korner Kone ice cream shop will have BACON flavored ice cream cones and other BACON themed items. The Longest Yard Sports Grill will be providing the entertainment. $4 tall boys and other drink specials. Live music by Oreo Meatwagon will be singing all your favorite 80’s, 90’s and current songs!

And oh by the way, they also have the wrestlers back from last years big bike ride (umm, that would be RAGBRAI!).  Dallas Center is excited and will see everyone in a very “short” time!