BACooN Spotlight: Redfield

Harvey’s Diner & Pub welcomes the BACooN RIDE 5 to Redfield!  Your second to last stop will feature four types of generously donated Hormel Black Label Bacon:  Black pepper and brown sugar, Cajun, sesame, honey soy and regular house smoked bacon.

Relax in our grapevine covered beer garden.  Enjoy ice cold tall boys, house made whiskey peach tea, Harvey’s signature blueberry Moscow Mules, and seasonal local draft brews.  There will be live music, games and fun friendly crew!

Don’t forget to stop at the Redfield Development booth, where you can enjoy some family PB & J’s.  This is not your typical PB& J…. It’s a Jalapeno pepper stuffed with Peanut Butter, and has a thick piece of bacon wrapped around it!  It is cooked to perfection, and the perfect mix of ingredients, that will make you want to come back for more!

Walking around that day will be Redfield’s Bacon Queen.  Don’t forget to get your pictures taken with her!  She loves it.

Welcome to Redfield!

BACooN RIDE Spotlight: Redfield

REDFIELD,  is the second stop on the BACooN RIDE TR3S!

When you roll into town, if you haven’t gotten your breakfast on, please stop by our Redfield American Legion Post and enjoy an all you can eat breakfast for $7.  This is only open from 6 a.m. – 9 a.m. so get there early!

Your Passport stop again will be at our Redfield Locker. Don and his crew will be serving up Jalapeno Bacon for all bacon lovers to enjoy.  They are also hosting live music by Gravel Travel, playing as long as we have people wanting to listen. As always come see and get your picture taken with BACooN, located at the entrance to the locker! Beside the locker, you should be sure to visit the local 4-H group, they are selling 50/50 burgers…that is ½ burger, and ½ bacon.


While listening to the energizing music, head on over to Redfield’s newest business, Harvey’s Diner & Pub. They will be celebrating their first weekend opening, and will be serving cold refreshment to our favorite bacon biker guests.  They will be hosting a build your own Bloody Bacon Mary Bar, and also Bloody Bacon Maria for $5.  Aluminum canned beer will be $3 each! While in the beer garden,the Redfield Development Corportation will be serving up a Peanut Butter & Jalapeno wrapped in bacon snack. This is a bacon delicacy you won’t want to miss!

Around the corner from the Redfield Locker & Harvey’s, don’t forget to check out Off Side Pizza & Pub, they will be serving cold drinks, and provide an air conditioned bar to cool off in.  They will also be hosting a beer garden in the front of their building.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, we have the After Prom Committee selling your favorite chocolate covered bacon!

Redfield is excited to see new bacon bikers, and returning bacon lover bikers, see ya Saturday!