BACooN RIDE to Match Funds Raised to Pave Guthrie Trail Crossings

Riders traverse a section of gravel road along the Racoon River Valley Trail as part of the Bacoon Ride on Saturday, June 28, 2014, southeast of Panora, Iowa.

Anyone riding the Raccoon River Valley Trail might remember the gravel road trail crossings.  Some are improved with concrete crossings and some were, well… you might just want to walk your bicycle.  Last year, Bacoon Riders raised over $5,000 of matching funds for Dallas County. This year the BACooN Ride is raising money for Guthrie County crossings.

The BACooN Ride is pledging to match the first $2,500 that Bacoon Riders contribute to the Pave the Crossings Campaign.  Anyone who wants paved crossings can contribute at

Individual riders who donate the most money to the fundraiser by the 2015 ride will receive the KOB or QOB (King/Queen Of Bacoon) designation similar to the KOM designation in bicycle races. The team with the highest fundraising will be designated as KOR (King of the Raccoon). ​

BACooN RIDE Donates to Help Pave Raccoon River Valley Trail Crossings


The BACooN RIDE, being held Saturday, June 28, on the Raccoon River Valley Trail, made this $5,000 donation from its proceeds to pave one of the RRVT’s crossings of gravel roads in Dallas County. The presentation was made Friday night during ceremonies at Centennial Park in Waukee. Accepting the donation for the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association was Jim Miller, a member of the board of directors. Miller also serves on the Dallas County Conservation Board.