We need volunteers to make the Bacoon Ride sizzle.  You can help out.  Click the link below and pick a shift to help.
Volunteer today!

Volunteers will be recruited for bicycle traffic alerts at intersections.

The duties are very simple. We need volunteers to be the presence that an intersection is coming for the riders. With the yellow vests, we could see you about a mile ahead of time, so it really works. You do NOT direct traffic. We expect the riders to stop and be responsible and it isn’t a race.  If cars are approaching, let riders know.  If they really aren’t paying attention and might get hit, please let them know cars are approaching loudly.

Volunteers may have a rider that approaches with a mechanical issue or just too tired to complete the ride.  We have SAG vehicles available at every town at the bike shop 15 minutes before the end of service time listed on the PassPORK.  If it is impossible to get to town, we have two vehicles that can pick up riders at intersections and transport them to the bike shop or SAG stop.

On Friday June 19, volunteers can pickup your packet, yellow vest (yours to keep), and other information at the Bacoon Sizzles party in Waukee at the Iowa Bicycle Coalition tent.  If you can’t make it on Friday, we will have the items at the registration trailer at Centennial Park in Waukee from 7 AM to 9 AM on Saturday, June 20.